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Building the Stinger 2 GT12

Make sure you build it the right way up .I find it easier to slightly countersink the locating holes using a diamond or tungsten cutter or burr, also take the corners off of the lugs that fit in these holes. Cut all the pieces off carefully, and clean any excess away, I use a diamond file for this. Now clean thoroughly.

This chassis can be built with a choice of weight options. Full nose weight, nose weight with centre removed, and pan weights removed. These can be soldered back in place when needed.

Check for flatness, and adjust if necessary. This is the order that I build them in but there is no right order.

Fit pillow blocks into rear motor brace and slot into main chassis. Make sure they are upright and true in all directions and solder.

Slot guide plate locating block in main chassis. Push guide spacer plate and guide plate onto it and solder.

Fit pan limiting plates in slots in place towards the rear of the chassis, and push through pins in slots in pans.

Now all that’s left is to fit pin tube mounts, pin tubes and front wheel pins in place. If rules allow the front wheel mounts can be removed when using sticker front wheels.