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Building Instructions Bulldog 2 GT 12

What you will need

2x 3.3 inch lengths for rails (.032 – 054)

1 x 3,15 inch of 055 for crossbar

Good quality flux and solder


I find it helps if you slightly countersink the locating holes with a diamond burr / cutter (just take the edges off), and take the corners off the lugs which fit into the holes. You can gently squeeze the parts into place with a pair of pliers.

Cut all the pieces off and trim away any excess material, a diamond file is best for this. Clean all parts thoroughly.

The chassis can be built with or without the nose and pan weights to suit the track its being raced on. Also the rails can be anything from 039 up to 054 , using brass tubes or filing flats on the wire to fit the chassis, and can be run loose or soldered solid.

As a starting point I would built it with 047 rails only soldered at the front, using the supplied brass tube in the rear.

This is where all the bits fit

Check flatness and adjust if necessary.This is the order I build them in but there is no right or wrong way.

Motor box and pillow blocks solder to centre section. Make sure its all square and upright (very important)

Push Guide locating plate into main chassis, then slot guide plate spacer and guide plate in place and solder.

Solder lead wire retainer in place

Solder pan hinge/up stop in place on front crossbar.

Solder rear crossbar guides in place and then solder wire rail brass tubes in locating slots next to them.

Cut wire rails to length and slot into brass tubes .Only solder in front locating slots

Solder front wheel/pin tube mounts and hinge bar in place

Now solder cross bar hinge and rear pin tube/cross bar stop in place at the rear of the pans.

Put pans in place. Make sure they move smoothly and don’t get stuck

Push crossbar wire (055) through outer stop, then slide retaining tube on. Continue to push through crossbar hinge, both crossbar guides, and other side crossbar hinge now slide on other retaining tube and push through other crossbar stop. Centralise crossbar in place, and solder retaining tubes in place, close to but not touching crossbar hinges.

Now solder body mounting pin tubes and front wheel pins in place.

If allowed the front wheel mounts can be cut off when using sticker front wheels.

This is how the finished chassis should look.

download as a PDF